Thursday, August 25, 2011


does wind make you feel loony? it totally makes me and my kid CRAZY! if the wind DOES change our faces, we would have a permanently demented expression complete with dishevelled hair! no doubt the ever present food stains on us both would just add to our infirmed look.

meanwhile - i can't get enough of these beautiful tulips unfolding. i probably take the same photos every year of tulips. whilst many people only like them in their 'pursed' form, i love them the more hagged and sloppy they get. please ignore that hideous grey 'feature' stripe from the roof. how dare it make my tulips look all 80's? (although i'm quite partial to yellow and grey as a combo). hideous paint jobs are but a renters reality!

nowadays the kid is capable of staying up for 3 hours at a time. this sees me falling asleep at around 8pm absolutely knackered from the mega-walks, the adventure playground, the dancing, the 'walking about', the noise-making, the bike-riding...........this kids just doesn't stop. it may just be the secret ingredient of my post-preggo weight loss.

finally, rest in piece dori dragon - you were a much loved colleague and friend. i'll always remember your cheeky grin as you skulked around avoiding paperwork smelling of more than a pack of ciggies with the faintest hint of gin. i love the fact you died remaining as wild and un-tamed as you were xxx


  1. totally. wind makes me angsty and anxious... wish I had that post preggo weight loss thing happening... maybe I'll have to try again to see if it works ;)

  2. Yes I have noticed that about the wind too!
    One of my friends works in childcare and says that windy days are always send the kids a bit mental.