Tuesday, August 23, 2011

rough patch

rough patches are always so rough because they generally come when you least expect. like after an amazing weekend of sunshine, friends, good food and family togetherness.

roughness seems to hit after your 'expected' rough patch. like when you have something in your immediate future you are dreading. it comes along and you think everything is going to fall apart.  you fail to acknowledge that it all stays firmly together and you needn't have worried so much and then....


that rough patch hits - just as the dust settles. just as you are squooshing your metaphorical toes into the sand of happiness and possible complacency. what the hell is with that?

what makes it possibly worse is that you feel even more self indulgent for feeling so miffed when you hear of families scouring bushland for their kids' remains, outrageous dictators clinging to power, entire countries starving. even a fellow mama who's kid has croup. even with all that going on i still manage to feel childishly hard done by and like i'd just LOVE a good ole fashioned TANTRUM.

these days can feel especially hard when *gasp - did she really say it* you smile and it doesn't make my heart melt. i feel tired. and old. and really, really BORING. i have to say though - looking at that pack of party whistles you have viciously enjoyed does begin to warm the cockles of my heart............

*rant over*


  1. awww....i hope it gets better soon. hang in there!

  2. The rough patches at least make the smooth spots that much sweeter to savour. Hope you bounce back out of the rough quickly.

  3. hang in there kiddo... you're not old, nor boring, just going through some rough stuff, which will pass. And don't it feel great to rant? xo

  4. you're not getting old, you're getting closer to sheila. she's like 80.

  5. some days I just want to throw stuff around and stomp my feet and cry in the hope that someone comes along and cuddles me until I feel better again!!
    Hope you feel better soon

  6. thanks for the support ladies! in the end, yesterday was a wonderfully easy day. further making me feel like a total knob for feeling that way! onwards and upwards! and hooray for ONE more day of sunshine!

  7. I hear you so hard on this one. Is it the sometimes good sometimes not weather, do you think? Or is it always like this??

  8. Hello, firstly, thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog. It really made my day. It definitely helps to read about other people having a tough time, doesn't it? I have never understood how some parents give off a happy, everythings-wonderful air all the time. I'm all for telling it like it is, good and bad. Glad you had a better day yesterday. I love the look of that apple toy up there. Gorgeous tulips. Great blog too! I'll be back. Kellie xx

  9. Sending sunshiny wishes your way. Hope you continue to climb outa that rough patch.

    Regarding you feeling boring....I think that you are actually very talented, creative and inspiring. I LOVE reading this blog....seeing your beautiful pics/latest creations/view on the world. So keep up the good work.

    Big love x

  10. HUGE HUGS - you are never boring. Especially not when throwing a good old tantrum! Go on! Get on that floor and kick your legs :)