Sunday, August 21, 2011

up early


we're up early this morning due to teething. thank god for mr stovetop espresso!!!!

and i have to admit, i've been getting a little excited about celebrating lottie pearl's first birthday! i know we are moving interstate just prior so i'm letting myself think about it all prematurely. i've never had big birthday parties myself but ALWAYS enjoyed hand making invitations.

i don't plan on making a big deal - even our wedding was just a picnic by the river - but i would like to make some invitations and get my sister to make some cupcakes. i have a stack of granny square blankets and would like to have just a 'all welcome, byo picnic' kinda affair.

its not till december so i feel very lame for even mentioning it but hey! here are some images that are helping to inspire me on this early frosty morning whilst LP digs around in her crate of bebe trash.

image one // image two // image three // image four // image five


  1. oooooooh I am SO SO SO looking forward to Tallulah's first birthday! We're doing a japanese picnic in Hyde Park and handmade decorations and invitations weeee so darn fun! If you're lame, I must be the lamest! haha

  2. oh please set the date! if you do, I'll go buy a 2011 calendar especially just to put it in there. just imagine.

    I'll bring sushi.

    um, i mean, hope you have one for family AND friends and I'm invited...

  3. I'm already looking forward to Eve's first birthday and she's only 6 weeks old, so I'm super lame. Not that I'm in a hurry for it to arrive all the same.
    A picnic birthday would be great.

  4. glad i wasn't out there on a limb on my own ladies.....thanks for joining me in lameness!

    and nina - of course you are coming.....and of course you are bringing sushi!!!

  5. I LOVE those icey pole invites!
    Might steal that idea for Bays party!