Tuesday, August 30, 2011

morning muse

went for our usual morning stroll and it was 4 degrees *damn* and it was chilly......but nothin' ticks our boxes as much as watching trams rumble by, trucks clunk by, school kids on their way, bikes zooming past and rosellas having their breakfast blossoms. how amazing are the magnolias?

today we plan to battle the snot with more outings! pram rides and park plays and maybe even another trip to CERES. all in the name of distraction. hard cause I'm sick as well so to keep the energy up is challenging but of course doable. isnt' that the best thing about motherhood? i thought i had no inner strength - as it turns out - i do!

and whilst i'm musing....don't you love it when you share a smile of solidarity with another mother on an early morning pram walk? there are so many of us doing the same thing, almost co-existing without even knowing it. so its nice to connect and say "goodmorning". knowing someone else is out looking at birds with their little human whilst sucking back a morning coffee makes it a-o-k.


  1. Hope the snot monster abandons you soon. The sunshine always helps me when I feel rotten. I sometimes feel that reading other blogs feel like that solidarity smile, knowing that we're in this together in a way?

  2. yay for walks! miss s didn't sleep at ALL yesterday after a night of waking every two hours. We spent a lot of time walking around yesterday trying to get her to sleep - didn't work apart from 20 mins but the fresh air and sea sunshine did me good. Hope your household feels better soon.xxx

  3. yes! blogs feel that way too! oh spark - glad to hear the sun, air and sea made a hard day/nite better