Saturday, August 20, 2011

picture (im)perfect

its almost disgusting to admit how many photos i've taken of Lottie Pearl. even worse knowing that our second child will probably have only a few photos taken amongst the chaos of raising 2 kids at a time.

my parents have been divorced pretty much my whole life, certainly for my entire memory. they always claim one parent has 'the photo album' and that whoever has it is keeping it secret so they don't have to share it. ridiculously silly i know but i honestly think they find it easier to keep blaming each other rather than admit they have actually just lost it.

of course family photos were different in the 80's. slide and negative film was expensive and there was still the magic of sending a roll away and having that ONE magic photo where everything worked and it was beautiful. otherwise all the other photos were just 'records' complete with blurriness, non-smiles, closed eyes.

now we take a million photographs of the same thing until we get the image we like. it means there is a much greater 'filter' on our life. i guess the same could be said for blogging. it is a contrived selection of our 'life'. i find this all incredibly interesting and wrote part of my thesis on the concept of authenticity within photography. now with a child i find myself striving for that perfect image but then ultimately deciding the best photo is merely just a record of an incredible moment. composition, focus and intangible beauty are all just a bonus.

i think i am becoming a mother in every sense - where sentimentality blinds aesthetics!

(I finally just edited the mass collection of photos of Lottie Pearl's entire life and printed hard copies of them all! total satisfaction!) 


  1. I've just started keeping more of those imperfect shots, sometimes they convey the moment much more accurately.

  2. awwwww sweet! I love these kind of pics. capture the moment so well. of course you're taking loads of snaps of lottie pearl, she is adorable!

  3. Very interesting post. I do a lot of video (film major) and have made a conscious effort to include crying, grizzling and shrieking moments. I am amazed how clean our house looks dusty floorboards don't seem to come up on film:)

  4. oh film major! you crazy film kids. my besty did film in uni and i could never understand - what a headache to create one still image - let alone an hours worth of moving images! yes, we have our fair share of grizzling/blurred shots. and i've been trying to make an effort in posting photos of how our house looks and the imperfections of our lives. its so easy NOT to so i really try and get some in amongst all the manicured images. but being a photography major lovely photos are kinda somethin' i like :) but i do specialise in low-fi......i've never had a big, fancy expensive camera either with film or digital!

  5. I'm not very good at taking photos and 90% of my shots are done with my iPhone! But for what I lack in quality I make up for in quantity!

    Because we are so far away from family, every day I send the grandparents a photo of our girl "the Bay of the Day" I call it :)
    I try to capture a really broad range of emtions and activities, not just cute happy faces, but happy, angry, crazy and everything in between.. as I feel this gives them a better feel of her true character.

  6. I can't afford all these fancy lenses for my camera so stuck with a limited fixed lens which means I can only really take portraits but I like that restriction as sometimes it allow me to bit more creative. However, I find taking a picture of a baby is hard so I just end up taking similar photos!